Discover ID Insert Deal, Italian excellence in the regulation, filtration and treatment of gases and fluids

Our history

Following the merger of two companies, ID Insert Deal is an Italian company established in 2004 with almost forty years of experience in making equipment for regulation, filtration and lubrication of gaseous and liquid fluids in the industrial field.

Founded in the 70’s, the company “Insert”, already having a specific production for compressed air equipment, proceeded to also produce pressure regulators in stainless steel and brass for medium pressures.

In the early 80’s, the company “Deal”, took shape and specialized on gas regulators, change over units, flexible connections and manifolds.

Today, the “know-how” acquired over the years allows ID Insert Deal to offer and guarantee the best solutions for customer’s requests.



Insert Deal adopts the most innovative design methodologies and realizes its product portfolio using the most advanced processing, analysis and quality control technologies.

The range and product certifications in our range (PED (2014/68 / EU), ATEX (2014/34 / EU), EAC TR CU 012/2011 / TR CU 032/2013 / TR CU 010/2011 and MOCA (1935/2014 / EU) meet most of the regulations and technical requirements of multiple applications in the most varied industrial sectors, in the field of automation and process fluidics.

Insert Deal is a manufacturing company of excellence, which constantly confronts itself with the trends and needs of the international market with the aim to respond adequately to the demands of its customers and business partners.