Certification EAC – CU TR 010/2011


Insert Deal has obtained the EAC Certification relating to the Technical Regulation TR CU 010/2001 on “Safety of machinery and equipment” for the markets of the Eurasian Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kirghizistan).

This Technical Regulation applies to the machines and equipment used and operating in the member countries of the Eurasian Customs Union and defines the minimum safety requirements relating to the design, production, assembly, repair, operation, storage, transport, distribution and recycling.

This Certification is in addition to the other two Certifications relating to the Eurasian Customs Union currently available inside Insert Deal’s collection:

  • EAC Ex – TR CU 012/2011 (IECEx / ATEX) certification relating to “Safety of equipment used in environments at risk of explosion” due to the presence of flammable gases, vapors, mists or dusts;
  • EAC – TR CU 032/2013 certification relating to “Safety of pressure equipment”, similar to the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) 2014/68 standard valid in the European Union.