312 – L15MD – L20MD

Aluminium oil fog lubricators, suitable for compressed air.


Oil fog lubricator for inlet pressure up to 30 bar (435 psi).
Inlet and outlet connections 1” 1/2 – F and 2” – F by flanges screwed to the body.
The lubricator add oil fog to the air stream that flows inside, is installed upstream of air operated tools and equipment.

Available units composed of:
Filter + Regulator + Lubricator or
Filter-regulator + Lubricator

The oil flow is proportional to the air flow, by increasing the air flow the oil flow also increase maintaining the right proportion between air and oil.
The product complies with the directive 2014/68/EU PED.


Technical data

CompatibilityCompressed air
Max Inlet Pressure30 bar (16 bar max with oil level display)
IN/OUT Connection3/8”-F | 1/2”-F GAS/NPT (L38-L12 MD) | 1”1/2-F | 2”-F GAS/NPT (L15-L20 MD)
Working Temperature+14° +122 °F standard | Other temperature ranges on request
Oil Tank Capacity~180CC (L38-L12 MD) | 1200 CC (L15-L20 MD)
Weight~1,4 lb (L38-L12 MD) | ~23,1 lb (L15-L20 MD)
CertificationsPED 2014/68/UE | EAC TR CU 010* (*Only available on L38-L12 MD)
Internals and Body MaterialAluminum
Seals MaterialNBR | FPM
Spare Parts KitO-rings | Steel ball for check valve

Technical design