QSLM 1200

Dual inlet decompression unit with automatic change-over system.


Single stage decompression unit for technical gas supply system. Inlet pressure up to 220 bar (3190 psi).
Outlet pressure up to 15 bar (218 psi) is controlled by a diaphragm; greater outlet pressures are controlled by a piston.

Inlet connections:
W 20×1/14” SX – M or
W 21,7×1/14” – M
according to the fluid.
Non return on-off valve for each inlet.

QM ID Insert Deal modular line advantages, besides the possibility to automatically control the two supply lines:
when the first line pressure goes under the set point, automatically the second supply line sets in.
Turn the lever to set the side with priority in supply.

During first cylinder discharge, outlet drops from maximum to the minimum change-over pressure;
Turning the lever the outlet pressure rises to the maximum again, now supplied by the second full cylinder.
The decompression unit is suitable for all industrial application.
The product complies with the directive 2014/68/EU (PED).


Technical data

CompatibilityCompressed air | Tecnhical gases and their mixtures
Max Inlet PressureStandard 220 bar
IN/OUT ConnectionIN: W 20x1/14” SX – M | W 21,7x1/14” – M (depending on the fluid) | OUT: G1/2”-M (QSLM 1200) | G1/4”-F (QSLM 2000)
Working Temperature-4+140 °F standard | From -76 up to +608 °F on request
CV (CEI EN 60534-2)0,74 US gal/min (QSLM 1200) | 0,08 US gal/min (QSLM 2000)
Outlet Pressure Range1,5 ÷ 15 | 20 ÷ 30 | 35 ÷ 50 (QSLM 1200) | 1,5 ÷ 15 (QSLM 2000)
Weight~44 lb (QSLM 1200) | ~17 lb (QSLM 2000)
Plug Leakage Class“A” class (UNI EN 12266-1)
CertificationsPED 2014/68/UE | MOCA 1935/2004
Internals and Body MaterialBrass | External frame in AISI304L
Seals MaterialEDPM | FPM | FVMQ | FFKM
AccesoriesPre-heaters | Bleeder micro-regulators | pressure switches | External acoustic alarm system
Spare Parts KitO-rings | assembled plugs | net filter | assembled diaphragms (if applicable)

Technical design