Pressure regulators for high pressure Made of brass, ideal for compressed air, gases and liquids.


Pressure regulator for high pressure, cylinder or manifold;
inlet pressures up to 220 bar (3190 psi) for standard execution,
higher pressure for special execution.
Outlet pressure up to 15 bar (218 psi) is controlled by a diaphragm;
instead, greater outlet pressures up to 370 bar (5366 psi) are controlled by a piston.
The exterior chrome finishing makes the series R2000 suitable for laboratory applications, as well as normal industrial applications.
The product complies with the directive 2014/68/EU (PED)


Technical data

CompatibilityCompressed air | Tecnhical gases and their mixtures
Max Inlet PressureStandard 220 bar | Available up to 370 bar
IN/OUT ConnectionUNI11144 | DIN477 | NFE650 | CGA580 | BS341 (Cylinders connections) | Available 1/4"-F (GAS/NPT)
Working Temperature-4+140 °F standard | From -76 up to +608 °F on request
CV (CEI EN 60534-2)0,08 US gal/min
Outlet Pressure Range0,8 ÷ 8 | 1,5 ÷ 15 | 3÷30 | 5÷50 bar
Weight~ 3 lb
Plug Leakage Class“A” class (UNI EN 12266-1)
Pressure Gauge Connection1/4”-F GAS
CertificationsPED 2014/68/UE | EAC TR CU 010
Internals and Body MaterialBrass
Seals MaterialEPDM | FPM | FVMQ | FFKM
AccesoriesWall mounting bracket
Spare Parts KitO-rings | assembled plug | inlet filter | assembled diaphragm (if applicable)

Technical design