Aluminium high precision relief valves , suitable for compressed air and gas.


High precision relief valve for pressure up to 3 bar (43,5 psi).
Inlet and outlet connections G 2 – F by flanges screwed to the body.
The relief valve opens when the inlet pressure increases above the set point initially regulated by the adjusting screw and it closes when the pressure goes down under the set point. Set point pressure is controlled by a rubber diaphragm.
The product complies with the directive 97/23/CE PED.


Technical data

CompatibilityCompressed air | Tecnhical gases and their mixtures | Liquids | Oils
IN/OUT ConnectionG 1”1/2-F | G 2”-F | 1”1/2NPT-F | 2”NPT-F
Working Temperature-4+140 °F standard | Other temperature ranges on request
CV (CEI EN 60534-2)26,5 US gal/min
Relief Pressure Ranges20 ÷ 50 | 50 ÷ 150 | 150 ÷ 300 | 300 ÷ 3000 mbar
Weight~30,8 lb
Plug Leakage Class“A” class (UNI EN 12266-1)
Pressure Gauge Connection1/4”-F | 1/8”-F (GAS / NPT) | (only on request)
CertificationsPED 2014/68/UE
Internals and Body MaterialAluminium and brass
Seals MaterialEPDM | FPM | FVMQ | FFKM
Spare Parts KitO-rings | assembled plug | assembled diaphragm

Technical design